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OPEN Finance | Women+ Membership Guide

A useful welcome pack for new and tenured members alike


We are excited to see you getting involved within the OPEN Finance Women+ community! Get ready to
meet other women-identified individuals and allies in finance as we team up to increase women’s
representation, celebrate diversity and intersectionality, and serve the community we are all part of. We
believe so deeply in advancing our mission. Never hesitate to reach out as we are always looking to get
you more involved and better connected.

Andrea Hayes, Vice President, Asset Management at Regions
Lynn Oo, Vice President - Product Owner, Private Wealth at Deutsche Bank


OPEN Finance Women+ aims to create a community of women-identifying individuals in finance, driving
engagement and representation of diverse people in the industry and LGBTQ spaces. Our initiatives are
structured on three core pillars:
Community – Hosting events targeted towards women-identifying individuals to create community and
foster a sense of inclusion.
Engagement – Increasing the participation of women-identified individuals at OPEN Finance events and
Representation – Ensuring that gender-diverse voices are present in OPEN Finance and in the finance
industry to ensure an inclusive environment for all LGBTQ+ individuals.


Getting here has taken a great deal of time and effort from a group of women committed to answering
the question, “Where are all the women?” Despite the experiences that many of us have all too often
faced, it is important to remember that mobilization starts here – with us. We worked from the grassroots
up to be the community we wanted to see. Since its official January 2018 launch, OFW+ formalized into a
committee with voting rights and representation within the larger organization. Email rosters and
committee attendance have grown by triple-digit percentages. We are not only proud of this but believe it
should excite you as well.

Event successes include record Holiday Party attendance, committee-hosted panels at the Annual Forum,
our Women+ Happy Hours, Discussion on LGBTQ+ Economics, OFW+ Family Planning Panel, Karaoke &
Game Night, and a brand-new mentorship program. We even sold out a private screening premiere of
Disobedience with the film’s director... we are only scratching the surface.


1. Please email us at to be a part of the OFW+ mailing list.
2. Bookmark the Open Finance Website for regular updates on upcoming events.
3. Reach out to Andrea or Lynn if interested in monthly committee calls.

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